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Beyond School Walls: Combining Mentorship With On-The-Job Learning

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If we have to talk about it by, and large, we have to admit that the institutions that we are aware of generally, as a mode of practice famously incorporate a two-fold training process. While the former always talks about the structured oriented training one particularly receives while being on their trial period that inevitably makes use of a great combination that comprises classes, course material, and evaluation through the test. This method is basically the classic classroom-style method which people adapt in order to train, which almost all school or university student has a degree of knowledge about.

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However, what often goes largely unnoticed is the other method of learning, which is particularly pertinent in the new normal era, traversing the confines of school walls. In the on-the-job learning approach, learning takes place by virtue of shadowing their colleagues at the workplace.

Needless to mention that the two aforementioned methods have their own positive and negative sides, however, according to our opinion, using the optimum combination of the positives of both will help bring out the best results. If you have heard already, the method that we are particularly referring to in this blog is known as “work-and-learn,” You must know that there are a number of models that are successfully incorporating the right mix of classroom training, and on-the-job training. In the academic light, it has been quite common, but lately, it has come into the corporate picture. Herein, cox affiliated program could play a significant role in this digital training.

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Feedback Loop

Stitching together the basics of classroom training along with on-the-job methods can largely contribute to the introduction of the feedback loop which is extremely essential for any progress that has to be made. This mode of training fairly deals with the model that voices for interactions, or if we may call it conversations to come to a common consensus and look forward towards improvement.

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The aforementioned model inherently possesses a correlation that remains between the one who trains and the manager, undergoing his course task. It is its acute sense of having to cooperate with one another that brings out the relevance of this mode of training. It is the knowledge that the trainee gains about the modes of learning which shape up their perspective, and contributes to the modeling of an appropriate approach. Places such as cox enterprise careers help this field greatly.

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There are a number of reasons why classroom teaching alone does not suffice. In the new normal era we have clearly seen a shift that concerns exploring spaces beyond the confines of the classroom, and incorporating bits and pieces from life into modes of learning. This is often the result of failing to create the connection between what is being learned and how it applies to real life. Herein, the importance of on-the-job training surpasses all other forms, as it is the perfect partner who teams with a feedback loop to provide the best experience.

We hope these tips regarding mentorship and on-the-job learning beyond school walls will be useful to you. Good luck!