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Empowerment Through Partnership- Spread Wide To Aim High

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The United Nations has partnered with several countries in the past and will continue to do so in the future. But why must we on an individual level be concerned with partnerships? It is mostly because when a country benefits from a UN partnership, the goodwill of such an action percolates on the strata of society. The harmony which prevails on a worldwide level has many synchronicities with the harmony on a state-level platform.

United Nations Programme for Country Partnerships 

The PCP is UNIDO’s new and next-generation model for increasing inclusive and sustainable infrastructural and overall development in States that form the Member Committee. This program is in alignment with the agenda of national development and is highly focused on sectors with substantial growth potential. The Programme encourages the member countries to achieve the industrial development goals they have set for themselves. The Programme for Country partnership is in tandem with the goals of the UN partnership program and relies on a multi-stakeholder program. This is led by the government that is hosting such an event.

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What do such programs help with?

  1. It promotes synergies with host governments and partner governments to make relevant and potent industrial development.
  2. This Programme is also built to augment investments, both direct and indirect into essential and high priority sectors.
  3. As such, this model facilitates movement within and across countries. The usage of resources across countries helps achieve larger development goals and leaves a long-lasting impact on the concerned industry.

For UNIDO, the UN partnership program serves to provide partnership benefits. The Organization has set a clear mandate with the SDG’s. The additional resources which accrue to the United Nations add to the benefits of the UN. With these benefits, the Sustainable Development Goals can be met with ease.

This model can be used to implements not just SDG 9 but other SDG’s as well.

The United Nations benefits have been used for several purposes. Creating a harmonious living condition on the planet has been its top goal. To achieve that the UN has encouraged countries to set forward and take part in the process of uniting the nations for the purpose of sustainable growth. It has employed resources to promote empowerment through partnerships. As partnerships across nations grow stronger, so does international unity.