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How Worthy Are Instagram Pods For Your Social Media Business Strategy?

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What are Instagram Pods?

Instagram Pods are also called comment pods or engagement pods these days. They are primarily closed groups of Instagrammers. They work together to mutually increase the reach of each other’s posts. Each member of the group can Direct Message each other and also on the group so that instantly after posting, the group members are aware of the same. The worthiness of IG pods or Instagram pods is being researched in the context of social media marketing strategy.

How Worthy are Instagram Pods as Social Media Strategy?

Instagram pods as a social media strategy cannot be clearly defined as good or bad but it is definitely time-consuming. Being active on social media continuously is one of the primary tasks. The mutual dependence of the group members in the engagement group is what boosts the post. Your absence might earn you negative comments or reactions from fellow group members. The biggest question that crops up in the context of Instagram pods is that does it affects the algorithm of Instagram or does it remain closed within specific users? The bulls-eye of any social media marketing strategy should be to increase engagement among the target audience. For increasing engagement on social media, just gathering reactions and comments on your post does not solve the entire problem. Each digital or social medium works on a different algorithm. It is important to know the factors which affect the algorithm of Instagram, to use it to your business benefit, and design a marketing strategy for the same. However, since Instagram pods are closed groups with limited members who function in a symbiotic relationship, they offer genuine comments an honest reaction. There is feedback for improvement of your content if there are the scope and some great appreciation too from fellow members.

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Instagram Algorithms to Remember for Social Media Strategy

For the high ranking of particular content on Instagram, there are a few factors that control the algorithm. If those factors can be included in your social media strategy, your content too can rank high on Instagram. Listed are the factors affecting the Instagram algorithm:

  • User’s Interest: The kind of products, services, people, or pages a user is interested in, is collected as data and only similar posts and ads are promoted to those users.
  • Timeline of Posts: When or how recently a content has been posted also matters in the ranking of Instagram content. The relevance reduces with the passage of more time.
  • Relationship with content: Instagram tracks the kind of content that a user interacts with the most. Similar content is pushed into the newsfeed of users.
  • Frequency of entering app: A user’s frequency of entering Instagram is also one of the key factors that affect the algorithm of Instagram.
  • Time spent on App: shorter time spent will have the most relevant content matched to the user’s interest and history first.