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Know Your Audience: The How’s And Why’s Of Knowing Your Target Audience

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Why is This Knowledge Important

Knowledge of your audience will not only help you develop your business strategies accordingly but will also help you in creating a sustainable product/services line for your audience. You should remember that your target audience is your potential customer therefore knowing them will give them a sense of familiarity and confidence in you and your brand. You will also be able to treat them in the best way when they become full-fledged customers of your brand. To know your audience, you should identify with their needs and desires and accordingly design new products/services or bring about suggested changes in your line of services or products. Therefore, it is important to know your audience.

How to Know Your Audience

Here are a few guidelines for understanding how to know your audience:

  • Research:

    Market survey and research is an important tool for knowing your audience. Make sure you know what solutions your product/services provide, this will help you in figuring out the people who will opt for this solution. Use software, apps, websites, and previous market surveys which gives you an insight into the demographics of your audience so that you can set your goal well.

  • Competitor Analysis:

    This is an alternative market research strategy where you study the branding style, the tone of addressing customers, brand voice, and advertising strategy of your competitors who have a similar client base as yours. Use a similar pattern with better creative inputs for your brand.

  • Benefits ahead of Features:

    Instead of highlighting the features of your product/service try identifying the benefits. When the benefits are identified, it will be easier to trace who requires these features to their benefit. A clear map of your target audience can be achieved.

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  • Monitoring Feedback and Customer Engagements:

    It is very important that you monitor the feedback coming from your customer or audience. Feedback and audience engagement can help create your new product or service or shape up the existing ones. The audience expresses their desires and suggestions through social media and having a presence of social/digital media has become extremely important for understanding your audience.

  • Observe other audience engagements:

    To know your audience you can also plug into your social media to observe what posts, conversations, and activities your audience engages in with their peers and your competitor brands.

  • Creating an Audience Persona:

    By studying the demographics, looking into engagements of your target audience, try and shape an imaginary persona/image of your audience by joining the pieces of gathered information. This will help you strategize new policies for your business and make it more customer-centric.

In the era of digital marketing, direct contact with audiences has reduced massively. Therefore, it has become a herculean task to know your audience personally.