Want To Be A Marketing Wizard: Mailchimp Is The Way To Go!

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Mailchimp is one of the email marketing platforms or an ESP (email service provider) which helps an individual to become an expert in marketing. It was founded in 2001. It initiates management practices and helps in powerful analysis of data with the customers and different clients. Mailchimp is mainly used for small businesses like e-commerce and retail, startups, online marketing agencies, and others.

Now, let’s find out which of the following is a potential feature of Mailchimp :

  • Comparative data types.
  • Advanced Segmentation.
  • Distribution based on time zones.
  • Campaigns on Social Media.
  • Product Recommendations.
  • Campaign templates and e-mail designer, which are available in a ready-to-use condition.

Mailchimp has a lot of features and options from which one can choose and work. Thus, all of these features are important and useful in their ways.

Mailchimp dashboard helps the user to transform, analyze, visualize and integrate data easily. With the help of a Mailchimp dashboard, the user can combine e-mails concerning marketing data with that of all other data to find the correlation between the e-mail campaigns and the web traffic.

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The following are the ways one can use Mailchimp :

  • Setting up the account: While signing up for a Mailchimp account, one has to enter their name, e-mail address, and then an activation e-mail is sent to that account. One can activate their account through the link.
  • Setting up an audience: This is the next step to using Mailchimp. Here, the audience is the record of one’s contacts.
  • Sign-up form customization- The steps to customize a sign-up form are- first by clicking on the audience icon, then the audience dashboard, clicking on the current audience option, clicking the manage audience option and choosing sign-up forms, then selecting the form builder, followed by clicking forms and response e-mails option and then designing it. After this, changes in colors, fields, and styles can be made, and then finally save it.
  • Creating a campaign- A campaign consists of the messages that an individual can share with the help of different ads, e-mails, or any other channels.
  • Viewing the reports of the campaign- One can know the number of people who have checked the campaign, which links they looked into, their geolocation, etc, through the tracking data of Mailchimp.

These were some of the basic steps on how one can get started using the Mailchimp audience dashboard.

Some of the next steps to handling a Mailchimp account are

  • Automation, by which one can send targeted messages or e-mails when they are triggered by a specific date.
  • Ads- Ads can be easily bought with the help of Mailchimp, without giving any kind of additional fees. These ads are good for publicity.
  • Landing pages and postcards- These help to attract people and are very helpful for achieving short-term goals. These help the user to stand out from that of others and adds to the marketing strategy of the individual.
  • Mobile apps and developer tools- These are the tools for the advanced users who use Mailchimp for their utility and customization.