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The Instagram app has over a billion registered accounts in today’s world. The officials at Instagram revealed that the developers are looking forward to building a version of the Instagram app that will be friendly to kids under the age of 13. The present policy of Instagram forbids kids under 13 to hold an account. Developers of the Instagram app are planning to build a version of the app that can be controlled by parents.

Instagram App was acquired by Facebook in the year 2012. The app is majorly used by celebrities and important personalities to promote their brands, increase their followers and socialize with their fans. The Instagram App provides plenty of features like photo filters, making reels, short videos that can be publicly shared by the user of an account.

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If you’re looking forward to knowing about the latest trending news about fashion and celebrities, Instagram is your absolute destination. Instagram App attracts the new and younger generation of people due to these features. The user can follow people and get followed back, the app allows a user to get a glimpse of the lives of people they choose to see.

Being one of the most widely used social media app, Instagram can sometimes be disturbing and have account holders with bad motives and ill mentality. Anyone not very used to the app can get seriously bullied, harassed by such people. Since the users are not able to know the actual person behind an account, it’s hard to judge who is dangerous and who is not. For this reason, the app is not very safe for kids to use. Instagram for kids is not very suitable as excessive indulgence in social media platforms can affect the development of kids.

Is Instagram safe for kids?

When the question comes to the safety of kids, no social networking site can provide 100% safety to a kid. The new Instagram for kids intends to cease all abuses and bullying that can be pointed to a kid. The company is working to limit the messages between kids and adults, making it difficult for adults with unfair intentions to trick a child. Instagram connects millions of people across the globe.  Apps like Instagram for kids can not be very safe. The app allows followers to directly message you or comment in photos and videos.

However, Since information is shared publicly, being too friendly with an outsider can be dangerous. Kids under the age of 13 are not very mature to handle such situations sensitively and can leak valuable and private details. Although the officials of the Instagram App have proposed the idea to give absolute authority about their kids’ accounts to the parents, it is always better for kids to not be highly indulged in social media.

Instagram for kids can help a kid to find new interests and hobbies, but it can also invite some serious troubles. When the question of safety arises, no social media site can be totally secured for anyone. Unpleasant experiences while handling an account can lead to mental trauma forever in a kid.