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The Future of Friendship: Robot Playmates and Our Children

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Moxie, a social companion robot has been launched by AI and robotics company Embodied Inc, in the hope that it will help in child-rearing by helping in the development of the emotional intelligence of children. It has been hailed as the newest playmates for our children from the ages of 5 to 10.

What does the Robot look like?

The Robot is just about 7 pounds in weight and 15 inches and height. It has a flat screen on its face and an Aqua-colored body. The robot makes relatively realistic facial expressions and has movable arms. It speaks in a robotic voice that we expect from the likes of Alexa and Siri.

To see how well it will perform in the market, the company has sent Moxie to hundreds of different households of America since the summer of 2020. The company’s CEO and co-founder, Mr. Paolo Pirjanian, is hoping that the data generated from these households and their feedback would be an amazing tool to measure how well the robot is influencing the child’s behavior.

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Why is Moxie a Great Companion?

Moxie means ‘force of character and determination and this is no coincidence that the company has named its robot so; after all the main function of the robot is to develop emotional intelligence in our children. Emotional Quotient or EQ is an essential trait that teaches the child to inculcate social skills and cultural skills.

The world has been paying too much attention to IQ or Intelligence Quotient that allows the child to have a successful career. However, without EQ it would be difficult for the child to cope with the outside world. The CEO of the company has provided evidence that shows that developing social skills is a necessary life skill and it also supports the child’s IQ.

Moxie will help in developing the EQ and make the child aware of their feelings as well as that of others. It would help in the development of social and emotional aspects of their extremely important character. It helps in teaching the child how to make friends, how long sustaining friendships, and also to be confident. These are skills that any child will benefit from having in any social situation, even their academic or career fields.

Parents are concerned that the creation of robots will mean that their children will be only friends with technology. However, this is exactly what Moxie will deal with as it will teach the child to make new friends. Even without robots children are still glued to some device. The CEO of the company hopes that it will help even children facing developmental problems to have the skills to seek out friendships.