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Top 6 STEM Entrepreneurs Of USA

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Work for women has always been an area that has had a history of giving a substantial amount of gender-based atrocity. However, nothing could really stop women from growing. However, not like all the difficulties are gone. These difficulties are faced the most by women in the STEM fields.

These 6 STEM entrepreneurs are extremely creative in their own ways and have constantly been striving to achieve all sorts of equality, opening work opportunities for people, and of course, are keeping the gender fight on. Let us look at such 6 women are, and what are their Stem business ideas and companies  about:

  • Lavanya Jawaharlal+Melissa, co-founders of STEM Center USA

Stem Center USA focuses completely on extending the support of experiential learning for their students, which completely looks to motivate and engage using digital aspects. They also come up with interesting Entrepreneurs advice.

  • Leah La Salla, CEO & Co-Founder of Astral AR

Did you know that our very own Astral AR primarily focuses on drone piloting? This system they have introduced makes use of technology entitled IoT technology. This Primarily helps in enforcing the law, stopping attacks, and identifying the threats through the wall.

  • Angela Lee, Founder founder of 37 Angels

Did you know that the much-talked-about 37 Angels happens to be the accumulating space for all the female investors? With a sense of community bonding, they aim to provide education on investments.

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  • Samantha Snabes, Co-founder, re: 3D

Re: 3D brought Gigabot into the market, which happens to be a large 3D printer that makes use of plastic recyclables. They are particularly environmentally conscious and are simultaneously putting up two fights together both smoothly, and successfully.

  • Sharmi Albrechsten, CEO, SmartGurlz Inc

SmartGurlz is absolutely acing it by introducing the robots which are quite self-balanced. The action girls also substantially self-balancing robots and action dolls also help in code learning. Isn’t that great?

  • Teri Dankovich, founder of Folia Water

Last, but surely not least, our very own  Folia Water focuses on an innovative way of water. This method requires merely a single sheet that can provide for a huge amount of people.

Here is the story of women who fought to lay the foundation of equality by ruling the STEM market where people generally aren’t accustomed to placing women for their own gender biases. Of course, it is not an easy job to do but it is sure not unachievable. With the right intent, and the right dose of determination, and some good Entrepreneurial advice, women can, and women will, time and again rise from the ashes of being typified by the system, and do absolute wonders as we discussed here in this blog.