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Brand Awareness Campaigns: Better Or For Worse

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Brand awareness shows how much are the customers and the consumers familiar with a particular product or service. Brand awareness aims to accelerate the demand for the brand in the market. The most important tool which promotes brand awareness nowadays is social media. The more is brand awareness created for a particular product, the more is its demand and vice-versa.

Brand awareness campaigns work on a macro level as they are backed by a particular organization. Their aim to initiate a broad reach among the public so that more and more people know about the brand. Brand awareness campaigns help people to have trust in the brand and increase the authority of the brand.

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Examples of Brand Awareness Campaign

Some of the brand awareness campaign examples are as follows:

  • Some of the campaigns that became viral through their hashtags:
  1. When the company Coca-Cola started its hashtag if “ShareACoke”,
  2. The Lays company started the #DoUsAFlavour, etc.
  • Some of the Manufacturing companies like Nokia and Samsung also had impressive brand awareness campaigns like:
  1. Nokia had a brand line of “ConnectingPeople”, while,
  2. In Samsung’s Voices Of Life Campaign, this brand shows that the lives of premature babies are saved with the help of technology, etc.
  • Some other brand awareness campaigns are portrayed on social media:
  1. Apple’s “Shot on iPhone”, is one the most impressive and innovative brand awareness campaign, in which there were videos filled with parts of people’s lives and it was mainly made user-generated content on Instagram, to promote the brand.
  2. Dove brand also engaged in social media awareness campaigns, when it started the #ShowUs project, which aimed to create a positive body image and natural beauty for women.

Wrong Steps & Wrong Results

The brand awareness campaigns sure do great help if they are portrayed rightly. But, sometimes a wrong step can lead to the brand sabotaging its marketing campaigns. Some of the ways a brand awareness campaign can get sabotaged are:

  • If the brand does not have a proper strategy, without any kind of outline or a formalized plan, then the campaign can go down aimlessly.
  • If the brand is not able to complete the goals it sets in the market, then people will gradually lose trust in the brand and it will not be in the favor of the brand awareness campaign.
  • If the brand is not able to reach the target audience and the right demographics, then the people who actually might like the brand, won’t even know a thing about it.
  • When a new brand is released in the market, there is very little scope of experimentation on it, because it’s already new and people in the market don’t have any kind of extensive information about it, so if much improvisation is done at this time, the brand might not do well in the market.
  • Social Media can be a very bad idea for awareness campaigns if it is not used properly. If the brand awareness campaign sends any kind of the wrong message, then it might aggravate the audience and the company will be forced to take the product down.

These are some important things one should keep in mind while starting a brand awareness campaign because if any of these things occur then it might sabotage the campaign.