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How To Respond Negative Data Which Tizzy Your Boss? 4 Senior Leadership Archetypes

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Negative Data

Negative data are those data that are collected accurately. This data gets analyzed intelligently and been presented factually but sadly it remains negative data depending on the person/team who are receiving it. A few years ago lot less bad news could be delivered by the people as there was so little which could be measured with any degree of confidence. Technological advancements have enabled us to measure anything and everything the output is that our ecosystem of data is returning with a lot more negative data. We all know that how negative skew data benefit our workings in a long run.

4 Archetypes are as follows

  • The Bubble king/queen leader archetype
  • The Attacker leader archetype
  • The Rationalizer leader archetype
  • The Curious leader archetype

The Bubble King/Queen leader archetype

Their reaction

  • This individual stays isolated and do not give any reaction to negative data
  • Decides the negative data if they sound good
  • The negative data gets discredited by them through asking analytically nonsensical questions

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Cultural implications

  • Their period of living in small and medium companies is short and long in large companies
  • Sycophantic kind behavior is very common and is often encouraged

The Attacker leader archetype

Their reaction

  • The attacks upon the knowledge, intent, data, and sometimes one’s attributes
  • They will counterattack if their decision gets to relate to the factual negative data. They do so to drown you.
  • They are overall not a team player

Cultural implications

  • Culture being created where no bad news can filter
  • They surprisingly remain a long time in any kind of organization

The Rationalize leader archetype

Their reaction

  • They make excuses through triggering in face of factual negative data
  • They create uncertainty that fuzzy up the negative data
  • The Rationalizer is the topmost undesirable leader and can be corrosive to the company

Cultural implications

  • With the most intelligent and factual analysis, there will be an equal footing of slanted views and questionable analysis
  • Until and unless there is a big external force that would bring change there would be a status quo that will run the organization

The curious leader archetype

Their reaction

  • To understand they ask question
  • They never question the analytical approach of data collection
  • They became open-minded in the face of negative data

 Cultural Implications

  • At the top, the demonstrated behavior encourages open-mindedness in the organization
  • There is never a delightful full experience for negative data

Self-reflection is also needed for people related to all kinds of professions. Take time to realize how leaders have an influence on the personality of an individual in doing a job. Then consider the impact which u have on the team as holding up a leadership position. Human nature is complicated nature that is not just a black and white type.