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How To Use Hashtags On LinkedIn: A Step By Step Guide

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Hashtags are something that we have used on Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook. But has any individual given a thought about using hashtags on LinkedIn? One might think that it might look ‘unprofessional’ or untoward, but it is really not like that. Using hashtags on LinkedIn can actually increase your chances to reach out to a more number of people.

Hashtags on LinkedIn were first invented in the year 2018 and people were confused as to how to use them in their professional posts. It is important to keep your hashtags on LinkedIn work appropriate, so it’s important to know the basics.

So let us know how to use hashtags on LinkedIn.

Do hashtags work on LinkedIn?

Hashtags on LinkedIn are used to categorize content in the same manner as they are on Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags aid in the discovery of material on a given subject. Furthermore, using hashtags in your posts can aid in your discovery by other people, including those that are not related to you. Furthermore, on LinkedIn, you will follow hashtags, which means that posts with your preferred hashtags will appear in your stream.

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How to use hashtags on LinkedIn?

There are mostly two ways in which one can get the hashtag thing to be relevant to LinkedIn.

Firstly one has to find relevant hashtags on LinkedIn to make up a post and include themselves in the conversation. Secondly, if relevant hashtags are used,  then more people will be able to come across your content.

How to add a LinkedIn hashtag to your updates?

You first have to click on the ‘share an article, photo or video’ tab on your profile, add your post and then use any hashtag that is relevant to the content.

How to add a LinkedIn hashtag to an article?

Under the status change area on the homepage, click ‘Write a post.’ You can attach your article to the update. After creating the post you can add relevant hashtags that suit your content.  And then you can publish your article along with the hashtags. You should provide a brief overview of the post, as well as related hashtags, in the ‘Tell your network what your article is about’ area.

Some tips and tricks to use hashtags on LinkedIn properly

  • It is always better to use suggested hashtags on LinkedIn.
  • Use popular hashtags more.
  • Verify that the hashtags used are public
  • Don’t forget to follow hashtags
  • Become creative with your hashtag on LinkedIn

 Hopefully, this guide will help one to navigate their way through hashtags on LinkedIn.